Complete Solutions for Your Accounting & Tax Structuring Needs

Our professional team of experienced accountants offer complete solutions customized to the specific needs of each client. Our services cover all type of companies, from private holding to international trading companies, and include among others:

  • Bookkeeping and preparation of financial statements
  • Registration and submission of Income Tax, VAT and VIES
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Filing of annual returns
  • Provision of Tax Residency Certificates
  • Preparation of management accounts (monthly, quarterly or annually) and IFRS accounting for all jurisdictions

Additionally, we cooperate with a number of renowned auditing firms, to ensure our clients’ audits are done in a timely manner and all the relevant forms are submitted to the authorities without delay.

  Tax Structuring & Consulting

Taxation is one of the core principles of any business, whereby choosing the correct tax structure assists as a vital part of your corporate success. Whether it is a business that is just starting out or a conglomerate operating throughout the world, our experienced tax advisors use their deep knowledge of the Cyprus and international tax laws, to effectively mitigate our clients’ taxable income by incorporating Cyprus companies within their structures.

In the case of when a business is in its infant stage, we ensure the proper tax planning is done in order to allow our clients to choose the right vehicle (e.g. sole trader, partnership, limited entity) which will enable their business to flourish with the least amount of strain. In the case of a more established business, a few adjustments and changes to the corporate structure can produce quite a large difference to a company’s bottom line, assisting the company and its shareholders to accomplish its objectives and goals.

We advise our clients in all aspects of tax law, from the establishment of subsidiaries and branches, to the planning of repatriated profits. Our tax experts will also inform you of any impending tax changes which would impact your business and how these may best be used to your advantage. Additional services for international tax structuring include advice on tax matters such as tax harmonization across the EU and worldwide, and identifying possibilities for efficient debt restructuring.