Safeguarding Your Confidentiality

Andreas P. Siapanis & Associates LLC offers nominee services to provide a legal way of ensuring confidentiality so as to protect people who would rather not disclose their interest or association with a company. At Andreas P. Siapanis & Associates LLC, we ensure the beneficial owners are safeguarded by using trustworthy, dependable nominees and ensuring the correct documentation is in place at all times.

  Administration Services

Our team works closely with our clients to ensure the day to day administrative and statutory requirements of their company are met, allowing them to remain carefree, and their company in good legal standing. The day-to-day administration includes but is not limited to reviewing and signing of agreements, issuing of invoices for counterparts, drafting resolutions for different corporate maters, submitting relevant forms to the authorities, maintain the minutes and registers of the company, paying the annual levy, communicating with the authorities, issuing of powers of attorney etc.