Eliminating the Hassles & Frustrations

Due to the large Greek and Cypriot Diaspora, there are countless Greek and Cypriot family living all over the world including America, South Africa, Australia and the UK. From many conversations with Greeks and Cypriots throughout the world, Mr. Andreas Siapanis perceived that unfortunately his compatriots abroad often have frustrating experiences handling their cases in Greece and Cyprus. Furthermore, many people who want to or have already repatriated back to Cyprus have often reported the same frustrations and confusions. Therefore, at Andreas P. Siapanis & Associates LLC, a special division has been created to help alleviate the hassles and frustrations of fellow Greeks and Cypriots living abroad, who are thinking of repatriating and/or who have already repatriated.

This unique department at Andreas P. Siapanis & Associates LLC aims to facilitate all Cypriots abroad and expatriates by advising the clients’ of the various benefits and options available to them, by guiding and assisting in the filling of complex paperwork and if necessary to act on the client’s behalf to deal with any government departments. Some examples of the Firm’s services include, but are not limited to, land ownership searches, creation of wills and trusts, administration of estates, advice for benefits available to refugees, information about benefits offered to Cypriots when they repatriate, foreign exchange and banking restrictions, military exceptions etc.