The Opportunity for Investment

The two pillars of the Cypriot economy are the Services Industry i.e. banking and corporate administrations and the Tourism Industry. These two are often interrelated as the tourism industry is continuously evolving and branching out into special interest activities. This creates many opportunities for investments which are often supported through incentive schemes.

Cyprus’ Real Estate Industry is also of interest as there are a lot of large public-private development projects which are continuously being created (such as hotels, golf resorts, marinas, casinos etc.). Additionally, interested parties can acquire properties which can be used as investments as well as act as an access for a Cyprus (EU) Immigration Permit.

Furthermore, Cyprus is a natural transhipment and logistics hub, as due to its strategic location it is the perfect choice for many multinational companies to have their Central depot for distribution to markets in Europe, the Middle East, the Gulf and North Africa.

Finally, Cyprus is also becoming a key player in the oil and gas industry due to the recent discovery of hydrocarbons within its Exclusive Economic Zone. This has led to huge opportunities in the regional and European future energy issues. An efficient legal framework, which is fully aligned with International Law and European Union Law, has been legislated in Cyprus to protect prospective investors that are interested in prospecting, exploring and exploiting the hydrocarbons.

As an office, Andreas P. Siapanis & Associates LLC, are continuously identifying and vetting investment and real estate opportunities. Our primary concern is to protect our clients’ interests by proposing investments and real estate projects which are of minimal risk, with no or little management issues. Our moto is that we only propose the investment opportunity to our clients if we ourselves would be willing to invest in that particular project.