Protecting & Ensuring your Personal Wishes

One of the Firm’s key departments is the creation, management and administration of wills, estates and trusts.

Andreas P. Siapanis & Associates LLC advises its local and international clients, which Cypriot succession laws are relevant to them and, if necessary, how to evade the ‘forced heirship’ rules through careful estate planning. This allows the individual’s personal wishes to be fulfilled and ensures that his/her loved ones are protected. Furthermore, when Andreas P. Siapanis & Associates LLC is appointed as administrator to tie up the estate of a deceased loved one, the bereaved descendants are consoled by knowing that the estate will be finalised with speed, efficiency and in a cost-effective manner.Since the enactment of the International Trusts Law in 1992, Cypriot International Trusts have also been used as vehicles for various activities due the fact that they provide settlors and beneficiaries with excellent tax mitigation and asset protection features, as well as the highest possible degree of confidentiality, flexibility and assurance.

Additionally, the Cyprus International Trusts Law was amended in 2012, to strengthen the trust’s asset-protection benefits, widen trustees’ investment powers to those of an absolute owner, provide greater flexibility and control for settlors and remove limits on the duration of trusts. This ensures that the Cyprus International Trusts will continue to provide an extremely effective and flexible wealth-holding structure.

Therefore by using Cyprus International Trusts, Andreas P. Siapanis & Associates LLC provides innovative solutions to best protect their clients’ interests and needs. This is often done in combination with international tax planning, by incorporating trusts within corporate structures, by family partnerships and other instruments.